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        The Address

        The Address  

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        • We visited the restaurant based on a positive previous experience in December 2015. As before the patron/owner welcomed us and our foreign visitor guest into the restaurant. He recommended our lunch as before and we looked very forward to our meal. When the meal arrived we hungrily tucked in to Lamb Kebabs, 2 styles of Chicken and Aloo Paratha. Our guest was horrified to bite into a kebab and almost broke his tooth in what looked like a brass rivet. We called our patron and he nonchalantly took the rivet and proffered a lame apology and said it must have come from one of the kitchen knives. We were so shocked at the reaction and not wanting to cause a stir, we finished our meal and left. We were charged in full for our meal. Now here is my problem. Apart from the serious concerns about the hygiene and care taken in the kitchen, the patron/owner was completely unconcerned about this deeply disturbing event. Now what we expected was the following: 1. That all food items were to be removed and replaced because there was no certainty that there were further foreign items in the food. 2. That in the very least the patron/owner showed more empathy and remorse about this event. Clearly the guests do not factor in this establishment and we certainly won't be patronizing this establishment neither will ww be recommending it to anyone.


        • The steak was divine. The lamb chops were absolutely delicious. A bug outcry, yes.But then again quality comes at a price. Yes, the food is a bit hot but yummy, the taste is divine! Consider this ad one of the best venues vir halaal eating in Durban. If you can handle hot food, this is the place to go too! Otherwise, Casanova is just down the road.


        • 口味:4  环境:4  服务:4   
        • 景确实不错,海鲜一点都不新鲜,海鲜套餐2950,不提供信用卡刷卡服务,服务欠缺


        • Went for dinner with some business associates. We entered and were seated immediately. The owner quickly came to our table to check how hungry we were so he could advise on what to order and how much to order. He called the waitress who took down our order. He recommended the chicken dish, kebabs and some steak. We skipped the starters and went straight to main course. Two of the three of his recommended dishes were excellent. The chicken was brought to the table prepared in two sauces, both sauces prepared were extremely tasty. The steak was also excellent. The kebab dish was served with Naan, Average. We finished the meal with some ice cream and masala tea. I will visit here again soon...


        • Excellent food, service and value for money. Must go 100%. :-) if you hungry food fast speak to Mohammed for advise if unsure.


        写点评 你曾经游览过这里吗?快来分享你的旅行体验吧~~


        • 人 均: 暂无
        • 菜 系:
          东南亚菜 印度菜 其他
        • 电 话: +27 31 303 8822
        • 地 址: 101 Innes Road, Durban 4001, South Africa
        • 营业时间:暂无



        德班旅游攻略指南? 携程攻略社区! 靠谱的旅游攻略平台,最佳的德班自助游、自由行、自驾游、跟团旅线路,海量德班旅游景点图片、游记、交通、美食、购物、住宿、娱乐、行程、指南等旅游攻略信息,了解更多德班旅游信息就来携程旅游攻略。














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